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U9s vs. Scot Fc

Scot FC vs Owls - Cup game

Late ko for us today and a tricky away fixture in Seacroft against Scot FC in our first cup game of the season. Great morning 🌅 for football on a small but nice and flat pitch.

First half - total domination 👍 we took the game to them and as a team we did everything right with zero mistakes from the whole squad. Reign and Finlay both got two goals each and poor Rory didn’t have much to do at all in goal. Logan and Archie are becoming quiet the defensive rock 🪨 at the back with nothing getting past them, and Captain Toby and Reign are full of blood and thunder 🥵 in midfield and as a team we all played well so good that even when I brought on Blake, Leo, Louie and Sam the team continued the same 👏 and limited Scot to just a single chance that Rory saved well. All this despite Scot playing with 8 players for most of the half too.🫣

Second half same again, we were silky and smooth passing the ball around and Louie was playing great in defence and Blake as a defensive midfielder was everywhere and managed to get his first goal 👍 of the season! Leo worked so hard he came off feeling unwell he’d run that much. Reign worked hard and created some great runs to setup Logan who pushed up front got 3 goals ☄️ in quick succession. His first hat trick 🎩 for us this season, all well taken goals too! We were so far in front we switched formation to allow Scot a bit more time on the ball and they managed to get a couple of late goals to send them away a bit more positive about the game. (sorry Rory).

In all this was simply amazing, 🤩 everyone on their best game, working as a team and working hard when they were on the pitch. We were so good today and myself and Stuart are so proud 😊 of our little lions. We’re up and running in the cup! awesome! 🙌

Player of match was Blake 🏆 got his first goal of the season but was everything today, tackling, running, defending and scoring and Logan 💪 with his hat trick was a close second!

As always thanks to our sponsors Property Painting Ltd and C & G Starkey Family Butchers


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