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U13s vs. Stanningley

OWLS 3 v STANNINGLEY 3 🏆 match

Lost on penalty shootout 😢

A beautiful warm sunny morning with no breeze and a perfect pitch.I wish.

Freezing cold and blowing a gale and the pitch was shocking

Both sides took a while to settle down and get used to the conditions. They scored the first 2 goals that may have been offside

Not to let heads drop I made a few subs and changed formation slightly. This seemed to kick us into life. It was all us now. Jack, Kwami and Oscar had control in midfield with Harrison and Jaiden causing their defence all sorts of problems

Some brilliant overloads (just like we have been doing at training) was causing havoc. We got a corner on the left.

Kwami gave Cam the nod to get in the box like we always do. A lovely in swinging ball and Cam placed a beautiful header past their keeper 2-1. Well that’s what i have been told happened as I missed it as I was busy babysitting/chastising naughty subs

What looked like a foul on one of our players turned into a free kick to them?? We switched off for 2 seconds and they scored 3-1.

I wasn’t overly concerned as we were winning every first and second balls. I spoke to them and said let’s ply the conditions better and let the ball do the work. If you have an opportunity take the shot.

Kwami 2 attempts 2 goals. 3-3. First one was class.With Ryan controlling his box and stopping everything that came his direction and the defence in full control I hoped that we would get the winning goal. Unfortunately we ran out of time.

Unfortunately the penalty shootout didn’t go our way.

I have to say you all did your club proud today. Over the last few weeks their coach was assuming that they were going to smash us. Saying that he will go easy on us if the score gets silly.😂😂😂😂😂

He said the same again to me today before kickoff. But in all fairness he couldn’t praise everyone of our players enough (the look of relief on his face said it all) He messaged me after the game and said we gave them their toughest game all season. 👏👏

Parents were well behaved too 😂😂

Match report

Keith M



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