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U13s vs. Holbeck


Match report now my feet and fingers have got feeling back in them!


The yellows hosted holbeck in the cup this morning at Manley park. The pitch was in decent condition despite the downpour last night, and once lined by Dave Adams it was looking well.

This was going to be a good test for our squad as holbeck sit top 3 in the table in a division higher they also have a couple of games in hand against the others so there a top title contending team in there current division.

We started off slowly and got off to a terrible start and Holbeck scored in first minute of open play, there coaches eyes lit up and players must have thought they were going to smash us.. how wrong was he..

We immediately woke up, and we started to pass the ball round well, and create chances of our own, we were looking dangerous down the left as Jack and Sam and Jaiden were terrorising the defence and wingers, jack was so strong, and shrugged players off with ease the ball was glued to his feet as weaves through the pitch and defenders, and was a key player in every build up phase of the game.

Jaidens blinding pace up front with Oscar was fantastic and between them they both got on score sheet taking us into the lead, just before HT captain Sam took his chances well and we went in 3-1 up with a fully deserved advantage

The second half was 50/50 and chances at both ends have a very entertaining game for the spectators, Holbeck struck first and within 10 mins they took there opportunity and levelled things up and at 3-3 it was turning into a nail biting cup tie.

The welcomed return of Kwami in the side was massive and he certainly controlled midfield and combined with Harrison, Jude, Sam, Oscar, and Jack it is a terrifying line up for any team to handle and Sam was the first of the midfield to put us in the lead with a well struck shot taking us to 4-3 as the players roared round him and congratulated him his high fives all round, the next 15 mins was all owls Jack who was dominating and using his big strong stature to full advantage he was next giving us a 2 goal lead and we were now cruising, Jack came off shortly after his goal after a strong challenge from the opposition (I think by this time they were just fed up of him running rings round them and holding the ball up using his size) as he went down he hurt his shoulder so hopefully he’s back for next week.

We went a bit defensive now to see the game out, slow every ball down, and played sensible football, cam, fin, Maisie, James, and Dom who was on his debut played solid at the back and filled in perfect in a role he’s not really used to, but they all stood strong and worked hard together as a unit.

The final goal came from Harrison who has really stepped up lately, his confidence is booming, he’s not scared to express himself and try new things, he is fast, direct, and a silky little player when he’s on the ball, final score 6-3 yellows.

Big shout out to Ryan in goals, he was certainly worked harder this week, but he was loud, athletic, and gave excellent distribution, and ran the clock down beautiful when needed, a great display from a fantastic keeper who is a vital cog in our awesome team

GOALS Jaiden Oscar Sam Jack Harrison


Gilly - very hard to pick today, but kwami for me was unbelievable, he worked tirelessly on the attack and tirelessly on the transition in defence covering players when needed

Keith - Jack, used his size and strength beautiful today, every time he had the ball at his feet it drew 2-3 players in to try tackle him, he then often came out the other side with it stuck to his feet. Unbelievable, and his little grin after each run is priceless

Well done team, a very good game against a good side, we show our team spirit time after time, and our never give up attitude shines through every week. You play for each other and always do what’s best for the team “side before self” Every time, a total pleasure to be part of this journey with you.

The games will get even harder in the next round of cup draws but with this squad we welcome the challenge against anyone we get.

As usual big thanks to Dave for reffing, and lining the pitch, awesome work mate, maybe some bigger studs required next time don’t want you slipping over again

And thanks to all the other parents who pack up at the end and come early every week to help us out. It’s much appreciated as always.


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