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Owls Ladies vs. Monk Fryston

What can I say about the ladies first game of the season? What a game!!! Some brilliant team work and communication throughout, wonderful team spirit and real unity from every single one of the wonderful owlets!

First half saw the ladies settling into the new dynamic, pitch and league. The owlets were strong in their attacks as were monk fryston! They certainly kept us on our toes and had a few early chances saved by our stand in goal keeper Jono and our brilliant defenders.

10 minutes in and the heat was already getting to the players. The first subs were made, this proved to be a pivotal decision, 3 minutes later one of our subs (and co-captain) Liv scored a blinder in the top left corner. The lead gave the owlets some well earned confidence seeing them make some brilliant passes and even have a few more tries on goal. Half time saw the owls with a 1-0 lead.

Second half the owlets came out fighting with some fantastic game play between our midfielders and attackers. Some great goal kicks from Jono straight to our striker saw Ling have 3 shots within the first 10 minutes of the second half, with Monk Fryston defending and saving every one of them!

The heat was getting to the ladies and fatigue started to set in but they kept fighting. Monk Fryston’s goal keeper was on the ball and made sure no other goals were going past her no matter how many times the owlets tried! Monk fryston were not going down without a fight and also had some brilliant shots on target, Jono was having none of it and definitely saved the owlets on several occasions!

20th minute of the 2nd half saw Jono take a goal kick with some fatigue setting in, monk fryston took full advantage and countered kicking the ball between the keepers legs (Megs!). Both teams kept fighting up until that final whistle and the game finished Wakefield owls fc ladies 1-1 Monk Fryston United.

Fantastic first game of the season and I look forward to seeing the ladies progress and play some more wonderful games throughout the new season!

Well done team!

Player of the match went to Joyce, this was definitely well earned with some fantastic defending, but it could easily have gone to several other players!! DOD went to turner for the amazing face plant when she was mid run!


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