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Ladies first league game

The owls ladies had their first ever league game today, away to Skipton FC Devs.

From the first whistle it was clear we were being outplayed, tactically and physically. Our defence started off very strong with some fantastic clearances from Lianne and Ella, and some great assistance from Joy and Megan.

Mollie played CDM today and really helped with our defence and midfielders Liv and Olivia. Jess and Chloe were on the wings unfortunately we just couldn’t get the ball up to our striker Barbs.

First half, we unfortunately left some gaps in dangerous places which the opposition took full advantage of, that, mixed with some amazing strike they managed to score 5 goals against our keeper Jemma, who also made some vital saves and easily kept us from conceding at least 10 goals!

Second half the ladies came out stronger and kept the gaps closed chasing down the opposition not giving them the chances they had in the first half. Some determinination and good subs saw skipton score another goal giving them a 6-0 win against our Owlettes.

The final 15 minutes the owls were all over skipton, unfortunately due to fatigue and a defeated attitude we were unable to claw any goals back, but a great game played by all!! Our subs Skelly and Catty came on and really helped in defending and getting the ball up field, it just was not our day today!

Player of the match was Lianne, having defended brilliantly and making some vital clearances!!

Onwards and upwards, clean slate as we go again next week for our first league home game!


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