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Wakefield Owls Gala - 8th and 9th June

We're all super excited at Wakefield Owls this week for our gala on 8th and 9th June, at Stanley Rodillians RUFC.

All details for the gala, including rules, site map, match schedules, can be found on the Tournify app - download it on your phone from your appstore and search for the Wakefield Owls gala.

Some key points below:

The weekend is split into 4 sessions:

  1. AM on 8th June (Under 12s, Under 10 Girls)

  2. PM on 8th June (Under 9s, Under 13s)

  3. AM on 9th June (Under 8s, Under 10s, Open Age Women)

  4. PM on 9th June (Under 7s, Under 14s, Open Age Men)

For the AM sessions, please don't arrive before 8am on the day. For the PM sessions, please don't arrive before 1:15 pm.

There is a HUGE amount of parking, please do not park on the streets leading to the venue as this upsets our neighbours.

We do have card facilities on site, but some stalls/attractions will be CASH only, so please do be prepared. Car parking is £3.00 per car/£5.00 mini bus.

Please remember - absolutely NO dogs


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