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U9s vs. Scot FC

Back on Manley Park today, and the only team at home weirdly. Was a nice warm overcast day for footy and the pitch was looking great! Had a couple missing today and tactically I wanted to shuffle the team around a bit to give some of our developing players a bit more time on the pitch.

First half. After ensuring everyone knew their jobs we got underway against an opponent we have never played before. Captain Leo led our midfield supported by Louie and they did some great work as a pair stopping attacks and working well with Blake in attack. Chances were few in the first half but Blake did get a couple of decent runs in. Logan, Archie and Ayla had a busy half and after a shaky start worked really well to stop Scot pulling away. We finished the half strongly with some great saves and fearless ball smothering from Rory.

Second half. Tweaked the side a little and brought Logan up front. Who got a goal pretty quickly after some good interchanges with Archie and Toby in the middle. Finlay was in midfield and because Toby and Isaac were doing so well breaking up play and pushing balls forward. Leo moved to defence and had a blinder again, he really played the captain role today! Rory had a quieter half but still was strong in commanding his box and when Blake and Louie came on in defence they were calm and assured to keep the score the same at the end. Ayla came on at the end for a cameo striker and we finished strongly and comfortably.

Player of match was Leo - best performance in an Owls shirt today, well done young man!

Another great week for the Owls, onwards and upwards as they say. A few things to work on in training around positions and game awareness but this comes naturally the more they play and why we started how we did.

As always thanks to our sponsors C & G Starkey Family Butchers and Property Painting Ltd and Stuart for refereeing and parents for helping put everything away.


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