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U13s Yellows vs Leeds Hyde Park

Yellows 1 v Leeds Hyde park 3

Well what a morning, the Leeds Hyde park reffing controversy strikes again for the owls, like a re-run of last years netball game

You know it’s going to be a rubbish start when your goal keeper is warming up and dives in a pile of poop 😢💩, and the pitch has no markings at all on it which made it difficult to see and call any ins/outs or even see anything for that matter, very poor tbh and again makes you realise how fortunate we are at our ground and club

The game started and Leeds Hyde park were brimming with confidence on the back of an 18-2 victory last week,

we started scrappy, indecisive, and never really got into any sort of flow, it was a bit scrappy and they took the lead within 10 mins, this was a wake up call for us, and ozza soon put us back on level terms with a awesome strike from the right hand side with an almost impossible angle he fired and scored a Worldy 🌎⚽️👏🏻

We set up well but couldn’t find a rhythm and couldn’t get any sort of passing going and it was more individual football rather than working and passing as a team, Leeds Hyde went in front just before the HT whistle with a free kick that has the wind behind it and it sailed into top corner leaving Ryan at full stretch no chance.

I must say Ryan pulled off a few unbelievable saves which looked destined for the back of the net, great athleticism 🤙👏🏻

At half time we talked about been ruthless and getting the tackles in, and taking our chances, too many times in the first half 1 player got round 3-4 of our kids and managed to get a pass away which isn’t acceptable, at 2-1 we know we were in the game still even though we wasn’t playing our best, the second half was a much more positive display from us, we were winning first and second balls, and winning 1 on 1 duals, there was yet again a few dubious penalty shouts which left Oscar D leaving the pitch early with a back injury from a crazy challenge in the penalty area (50/50 was the ref call) 🤷🏻‍♂️ any other day sure fire pen I’m my opinion

Jaiden also on the end of a challenge which saw him leave the pitch with a injury but again no foul play and no penalty 🤷🏻‍♂️

Owls started loosing our heads abit now and getting frustrated with decisions, and then the most bizzare call I’ve seen in football this season got awarded….. Harrison fouled in box with a high kick into his neck/shoulder, ref blew up…. Penalty so you would think, however he awarded a indirect free kick 😂

Apparently this is a new ruling, I must read up as I’ve never heard of this.. 📚📖

This was the final nail in the coffin and the game was dead, Sam was doing What any captain would and was questioning it as was we but sometimes you just have to conceed the fact it’s not going your way and accept it. I do like sams passion I must admit, and everything he said was right, and I love his passion for the game and his knowledge and his willingness to raise these questions.

the last 5 mins saw the yellows going through the motions now as heads were well and truly gone. The game finished and Leeds celebrated like they had just won the World Cup

Honestly neither team played great, the yellows certainly no where near to the potential we can,

but they took the 3 points away which for them is massive for them as we are the reigning champions and everyone wants to beat us

Training on Thursday, re group, and let’s bounce back like great teams and players do. This is a minor blip and big learning curve for us, now let’s put it right 👍


Ozza ⚽️

MOM - batey, played great at back in a defensive midfield role, got stuck in, and made some great tackles, and good passes up front which is what we have spoke about to improve in his game

Well done.


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